How to claim land using factions

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Well, if i claim land /f claim i dont know how big the place is. To see how much faction land was claimed use this command. /f map​. /f sc,seechunk see the chunk you stand in; /f tt,territorytitles [on|off=toggle] toggle territory titles. /f claim claim faction territory; /f claim o,one. ive been fooling around with factions and i still cant get this claiming down how does this work? i really do not understand how to claim i.

Here are a couple things you must first make sure you have done before claiming /unclaiming land: •Make sure you are in a faction, you may do. Uberminecraft Factions server, conquer vast lands, form high powered factions and destroy your enemies. Over /f join [faction name], Joins a faction with the given name. /f autoclaim, Claims land while your player walks around. I need help autoclaiming land for factions. Use //wand and select positions where you like do claim warzone and use /walls 98 to make.

Land is claimed by a faction in by block chunks. is to unclaim land your faction considers less valuable or hope that the invaders claim. In order to overclaim a faction the other faction must have more land than power. Then you start claiming from the edge of their claims.