Ringtone settings whatsapp in windows

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You can change the ringtone for when the app is closed via WhatsApp Settings > Notifications. Here you can choose different ringtones for messages, group. Change the sounds on your Windows 10 phone, and learn how to get go to Settings > Personalization > Sounds then select Ringtone to find. By default, all incoming WhatsApp messages and calls will trigger the same notification tone. It would be better if you could customize it for.

How do you change the WhatsApp ringtone. go to phone settings/notifications+ actions/tap on whatsapp/notification sound/ select your fav. For some reason the ringtone I want to set on Whatsapp isn't showing MediaInfo included in the free K-Lite player codec pack for windows). Part 2: Changing WhatsApp Ringtone. You can also set the sound alerts of the messages for different.

hello, you can set custom notification in whatsapp android crzsuu.ga WhatsApp Go to the Contacts tab, and select the contact for whom you want to set the new ringtone. crzsuu.ga the Click on the contact name to take you to the profile window.